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Easy React Modals with Hooks and Portals

Modals, there are a thousand ways of implementing them, but the biggest challenge is to keep them simple and flexible. Let’s do that with React Hooks & Portals!

React inline styles with Radium & TinyColor

CSS is an old standard. It’s pretty basic and there are currently a lot of alternatives for styling web applications. Of course we have the pre-processors like LESS and SASS. CSS Modules is also a nice one which I’ll probably cover in another post. In the end they all output plain CSS again, but ah well, what other options do you have? What about inline styles? In Javascript.. WHAT?!

React 0.14's coolest feature: function components

React 0.14 introduced some cool additions, one of them is a more simple way to create components. This is one of those nifty little features that makes developers happy :-).

Functionally managing state with Redux

The Flux application design pattern is still going strong and gaining popularity. There are countless libraries around, helping you implement Flux. But lately, one has been standing out.

Flux, what and why?

If you are into front-end development, you’ve probably heard or read the term ‘Flux’. What does it mean and why should you care?

Why React PropTypes are important

Props are the mechanism React uses to let components communicate with each other. A parent component can pass it’s child(ren) named prop values, which the child can then use in its internal logic.

Using React with ES6 and Browserify

ECMAScript 6 is great! It gives us Javascript developers a long time longed for set of core functionalities like classes, imports and more. Browsers do not support most of the features yet, but we can use transpilers to be able to use ES6.