We code the web

An introduction

Hi, my name is Niels. I am a front-end/web developer from the Netherlands. I opened this blog to share my experiences about front-end development with the world! The main topics will be Javascript, React, Angular, Sass, Gulp and everything involving front-end development.

I am excited to see how this blog will work out. Also feel free to comment and discuss your ideas with me and everyone else, feedback on my blog is also welcome!

See ya!

My personal portfolio: nielsgerritsen.com

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I have always been very picky about a good folder structure. I enjoy working in a neatly structured project. How do we go about this in a front-end application?

Software principles in Front-end development

I am mainly a front-end developer, but I’ve also programmed quite some C# .NET software. I learned a lot about the SOLID principles, TDD, DRY etc.. and in my opinion these principles are a bit unrecognized in the front-end world. Should they get more attention?

Why We code the web is now statically generated

In case you haven’t noticed. We code the web had a big makeover. It’s not just the outside. Under the hood it is completely new. I moved away from Wordpress and it is now a plain old static HTML website, or is it?