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Automating FTP deployment with Travis CI and Gulp

Continuous integration is an important subject, I cannot think of a development world without it. There are a lot of options for CI, but Travis is a nice and simple one. For personal projects it’s free with unlimited repo’s, perfect! However, it requires you to code your own build script. I had some trouble figuring out a good way to do FTP deployments. So, how do you upload files to FTP servers with Travis?

Using React with ES6 and Browserify

ECMAScript 6 is great! It gives us Javascript developers a long time longed for set of core functionalities like classes, imports and more. Browsers do not support most of the features yet, but we can use transpilers to be able to use ES6.

Is Compass dead?

For a long time I have been a dedicated user of the SASS+Compass stack. It is great not having to provide workarounds and fixes for each browser in your CSS. Compass mixins saved me a lot of trouble. So why ask the question in this title?