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Easy React Modals with Hooks and Portals

Modals, there are a thousand ways of implementing them, but the biggest challenge is to keep them simple and flexible. Let’s do that with React Hooks & Portals!

Async ... await in Javascript

We’ve all been through callback hell, maybe we use Promises and Observables to get some relief. Will async await liberate us once and for all?

Improving code quality using ESLint

ESLint the Javascript linter of choice today. But it can do more than just checking semicolons and quotes. In this article we’ll go over how to configure ESLint to really help improve your code.

Handling async in Redux with Sagas

Using Redux is a nice way to code structured, testable Javascript applications. But there’s still one thing that can prove to be a challenge, asynchronous operations.

Better Javascript apps by optimizing state

Client side applications hold a lot of state, some view related, some data related. But how do we make sure state is reliable and managable?

Effortless unit testing with AVA

There are a lot of test runners out there. Mocha, Jasmine, tape and more. I hear you thinking: “another framework?”. But Ava is a worthy alternative for the existing solutions.

Immutable Javascript using ES6 and beyond

Writing immutable Javascript code is a good practice. There are some awesome libraries around like Immutable.js to help you with this. But could we survive with just vanilla, next generation Javascript?

React inline styles with Radium & TinyColor

CSS is an old standard. It’s pretty basic and there are currently a lot of alternatives for styling web applications. Of course we have the pre-processors like LESS and SASS. CSS Modules is also a nice one which I’ll probably cover in another post. In the end they all output plain CSS again, but ah well, what other options do you have? What about inline styles? In Javascript.. WHAT?!