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ES6 Destructuring

Destructuring must be my favorite feature of ECMAScript 6. I don’t exactly know why, I guess I just like the simplicity. It makes your code more clean and declarative.

Using icon fonts with SASS

Sometimes you want to display an icon in your website somewhere, but you do not want to touch the HTML. For instance if you have an auto-generated link in your CMS and you want to prefix it with an icon. This is actually very easy to do, because that is exactly what icon font vendors like Bootstrap Glyphicons and FontAwesome already do!

Using React with ES6 and Browserify

ECMAScript 6 is great! It gives us Javascript developers a long time longed for set of core functionalities like classes, imports and more. Browsers do not support most of the features yet, but we can use transpilers to be able to use ES6.

Is Compass dead?

For a long time I have been a dedicated user of the SASS+Compass stack. It is great not having to provide workarounds and fixes for each browser in your CSS. Compass mixins saved me a lot of trouble. So why ask the question in this title?

An introduction

Hi, my name is Niels. I am a front-end/web developer from the Netherlands. I opened this blog to share my experiences about front-end development with the world! The main topics will be Javascript, React, Angular, Sass, Gulp and everything involving front-end development.